Tom Dixon

Vice President - Marketing, DTS Inc. (colleague)

�Larry has a strong knowledge of operations management and always looks for new ways to improve processes and systems. He has a great collaborative management style and works well with others--especially in cross-functional teams. He can also effectively lead a team to drive new initiatives. He was a joy to work with and would be a great asset for any organization.� 

Dan Guerrero

Director, Human Resources, DTS Inc. (colleague)


�While I was Director of Human Resources for DTS, I led recruiting and was pleased when we came across Larry Garcia's candidacy. The position of Director of Operations that Larry applied for was at a critical time for DTS in that the company was separating into two operating entities. It was important to not only find an experienced operations executive but one with leadership skills who could face new challenges for DTS. He served DTS greatly on both fronts! He was a quick study on the global nature of the business and added structure and organization where needed, keeping together existing processes that made sense. He was a welcomed addition to the team and a pleasure to work with; I highly recommend Larry and feel that he would be a valued asset for any organization, including start-ups as well as a mature and stable company. His leadership style is conducive to both settings.� 

Dennis Goldenson

Director, Corporate Strategy and Development, DTS Inc. (colleague)

�I had the pleasure of working with Larry in a number of capacities and found him to be extremely detailed and thorough in his work. As Director of Operations, he oversaw the day-to-day activities of DTS and was always willing to leverage his skills to help other departments. Whether it be purchasing items or rolling up his sleeves to set up home theater equipment at major trade shows, Larry was always the most reliable in many respects. Larry has a strong ability to communicate effectively with people in all areas of a company. He keeps cool in the face of multiple problems, and is willing to reassess and reorganize when traditional solutions aren't working. He is a solid contributor willing to adapt when change is called for. I would highly recommend Larry Garcia.� 

Charles Tanpoco

 IT Manager, DTS, Inc. (colleague)


�During Larry's time at DTS, I had the opportunity to work with him on a few projects and he is a great collaborator. He motivates all those around him to strive for success. He is talented, confident, and a pleasure to work with. I give Larry my complete endorsement.� 

Dersheet Mehta

 Product Specialist, DTS Inc. (colleague)


�I have worked with Larry on numerous CES shows and projects. Whatever the task or request at hand, he is able to bring foresight and clearly mitigate any issues in advance. When it comes to shows there are tight deadlines and almost impossible to close requests, Larry has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support me. His professionalism, dedication, and perseverance to complete the task is truly admired and appreciated.� 

Robert Anderson

 Founder, Technical Marketing Engineer, AccelChip Inc. (Technology Partner for Photron Inc.)


�Larry was smart, detail oriented, and very consistent in his leadership through the working relationship between AccelChip and Photron Technologies. He operated in a trustworthy, reliable, and highly competent capacity in his role through the duration of the working relationship between the two companies. �

Jake Ramirez

 Director, Business Development, DTS Inc. (colleague)


�Larry is a detailed and process oriented Operations Professional with a strong background who understands the strategic big picture. Larry possesses the combination of a strong financial acumen with a hands-on tactical "get it done" approach. 

He is extremely thorough and an excellent communicator. Larry possesses an engaging personality and is a pleasure to work with.�